Integrative energy Healing 


In addition to individual and family coaching, Roan provides integrative energy work to people looking for hands-on body healing. Roan is a certified Reiki Master practitioner and has been practicing energy healing for over 15 years. Their background in Clinical Social Work, as well as their spiritual practice and their ongoing training through generative somatics, inform their integrated approach. Working from the belief that people's bodies know exactly how to heal themselves, Roan focuses on creating a safe space where people can unfold, let go, and receive the healing they need.


Currently, Roan provides integrative energy healing sessions for individuals based on appointment. Contact Roan for more details.



Energy Healing for Trans* and Non-Binary Folks


Trans*, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks often face enormous obstacles to their health and well-being. On top of this, lack of health care, safety, affordable services, and gender-affirming providers can prevent folks from accessing the care and healing they need. Roan offers energy healing specifically to trans* and non-binary folks on a reduced-rate sliding scale; please contact Roan for more details.